Sanuki Olive Fed Wagyu Striploin

  • Raised in Shodoshima, an island in Japan, Sanuki Olive fed Wagyu is highly sought after for its notably unique flavor profile. As its namesake implies, these heritage cattle are fed olive peels which are upcycled from the region's blooming olive industry. The olive peels are toasted, then mixed with rice straw, barley, and grains. Both olives and beef fat are high in oleic acid which gives steak its umami flavor and texture, so Sanuki Olive Fed Wagyu has a significantly higher percentage of oleic acid fat content giving the Wagyu its distinct nutty flavor and superior marbling.

    BMS 8-12
  • 222 Calories
    0 g Carbs
    20 g Protein
    5 g Fat
    61 mg Sodium

    Serving Size: 3 oz


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